Tatton Chantry

Describe Tatton. Give his age, physical description, and likes and dislikes.

Tatton is between the ages of 20 and 90 in this photograph. He is a non-caucasian male. He is slight in build and enjoys shorts walk through the forest. He enjoys hunting mule-deer and various other varmints. In his spare time, he knits sweaters for his family and for those who are less fortunate.
Describe Tatton's life before he emigrated to the New World? Describe his family, his home, his friends, hobbies, town, etc. Describe the events that led Edward to leave.

Tatton's life was in shambles before he left for the new world. He had little food and clothing and often had nothing to hunt with besides a stick. When he moved to the new world, he found his future wife hiding in a mulberry bush near his cottage. They soon had a family with many, many children who range from ages 2 to 37. Tatton's home is a one bedroom cottage with running water. He and his family enjoy playing scrabble and twister. Tatton and his family couldn't have been happier to settle down in the thriving metropolis of Meatboro. They chose to live here because the hunting was plentiful.

Tatton's family family left to go to the new world to avoid the harsh reality of the Dog Flu (D1F1) that was quickly spreading.
Describe the voyage.

The family jumped on the passing ship quickly to leave the old world. The Dog Flu was chasing them as they ran.
Tatton kept a journal. Describe his thoughts and feelings upon arrival.

I stumbled off of the coal ship and walked into my new world. I began walking until I found Meatboro.
After one week, describe Tatton's situation.

I have found a lot of meat around the area of Meatboro, I am so happy to begin my family here. Our lives with thrive in the area of plenty.