Describe Jonathon. Give his age, physical description, and likes and dislikes.

16 years of age, white, dumbo ears, medium build, bowtie not cool, baseball player, does not like to play in the outfield, clean shaven, neatly dressed, dislikes cooking and cleaning, does like math and journal editing
Describe Jonathon's life before he emigrated to the New World. Describe his family, his home, his friends, hobbies, town, etc. Describe the events that led Jonathon to leave.

He came from a small family and education was stressed as an important. After a horse and buggie wreck led to his brother's death. J-Rock fled town after rumors that he murdered his brother.
Describe the voyage.

Because J-Rock was fleeting illegally his voyage was filled with pain and suffering. He developed scurvey from lack of citrus fruits in his diet.
Jonathon kept a journal. Describe his thoughts and feelings upon arrival.
He was plotting on taking over the world and murdering everyone. His legacy would include mass sterilzation and eating a turkey sandwhich.
After one week, describe Jonathon's situation.