Describe Edward. Give his age, physical description, and likes and dislikes.
Edward is in his early thirties. He has a slight build, with long curly, brown hair. He likes writing poetry and reading romance novels in his leisure time. Edward has a fear of large crowds, and enjoys the solitude and confinement of his own house.
Describe Edward's life before he emigrated to the New World. Describe his family, his home, his friends, hobbies, town, etc. Describe the events that led Edward to leave.

Edward grew up an orphan and married at a very young age. His wife died of Polio, which led him to a deep depression. Without a job, family, and friends, Edward decided to travel to the New World on a merchant ship. As mentioned before, Edward had a great skill working with words. He was off to the New World, in search of his new dream to be a playwright.
Describe the voyage.
The voyage across the Atlantic was long and treacherous. Many of the passengers aboard the Santa Fe died and never saw the promise land! Edward stayed strong by reading and writing his thoughts of what life would be like in the New World. After two long months at sea, the Santa Fe finally found land.
Edward kept a journal. Describe his thoughts and feelings upon arrival.
Edward was weak and sick from the conditions aboard the Santa Fe. Feelings of excitement filled his pen as he wrote about what life would be like in this new world. Edward could not wait tio put his past behind him and start his new journey on this land of opportunity.
After one week, describe Edward's situation.
After one week, Edward found himself as an editor of the chief newspaper, The New England Express. Edward displayed his writing talent by publishing his journal which he kept throughout the long, difficult journey to the New World. Soon after the journal was published, Edward became an instant celebrity in his new town.