Describe Christopher. Give his age, physical description, and likes and dislikes.
Christopher is a happy go lucky fellow the tender age of eleven. Christopher is average in height and build. He has blonde wiry hair and dark eyes. He is preparing for a journey to the New World. Being an adventurous lad, he is eager to sail the deep blue sea. Little does he know his life of ease will soon be behind him.
Describe Christopher's life before he emigrated to the New World. Describe his family, his home, his friends, hobbies, town, etc. Describe the events that led Christopher to leave.
Christopher comes from an afluent family and is being sent to the new world to accompany his father on an educational safari. His hobbies include horseback riding, sword play, and reading.
Describe the voyage.
Two months at sea was hard to take. Although Christopher was well-supplied, the trip was hard. It was exciting to be at sea, but Christopher missed his family and home. Some of the sailors were scary.
Christopher kept a journal. Describe his thoughts and feelings upon arrival.
Land! It is wonderful to on firm ground again. I still am swaying like I'm at sea. My father says we will spend a few days near shore before we strike out on our expedition. Are there any savages looking at me as I write this?
After one week, describe Christopher's situation.
We have settled in a camp near a small town. I have had milk and dried venison. This country is beautiful; there are many animals, birds, plants, and places to discover. It seems as if England is a million miles away!